Senior removals

A removal later in life demands extra care and attention. For that reason, be sure to see our extensive services in the area of senior removals.

Senior removals

Moving house is always a stressful life event, particularly when you are a senior citizen – from a practical standpoint, of course, but also on an emotional level, for example, because you are moving to a care home or assisted living facility. This is often a major step both for you and your family.

To make this transition as calm and as comfortable as possible, Verhuisbedrijf Draagkracht therefore offers a special service for senior removals.

A carefree senior removal

With our senior removals, ensuring that your removal is carefree is paramount. That begins with good preparation. We also ensure, in close consultation with you and your family, that nothing is overlooked.

In this way, the removal runs peacefully and smoothly. We also strive to complete your removal within one day so that you are in your new home the same day.

Attention to all details

In addition to thorough preparation, we also ensure that the removal itself is handled carefully. We understand that personal possessions play an important role in making you feel at home in your new house.

During packing and unpacking, your possessions will therefore also be handled with the greatest possible care. We place everything neatly in the desired place, assemble your furniture and connect all your equipment.

Extra odd jobs service

Does your new home still need a coat of paint? Or would you like to have new carpet or laminate installed? No problem! If desired, we can also handle the painting, laying of flooring or other odd jobs for you. On your request form, also ask about the possibilities of our odd jobs service with senior removals and everything will be handled for you down to the most minute detail.

Would you also like to have a carefree removal?

Feel free to contact us. We would be happy to tell you, obligation-free, about the possibilities and our cooperation with care institutions throughout the Netherlands. Every senior removal can be handled customised to your wishes, so don’t hesitate to inform us of your wishes.

Working method

Moving house stressful? Verhuisbedrijf Draagkracht proves that it can be different. Choose for a carefree removal and request your no-obligation quotation!

  • 1. No-obligation request

    Fill in the request form. In this way, you let us know exactly how your removal must be carried out.

  • 2. Free quotation

    Within six hours, you will receive a complete custom quotation from us, and of course without any cost or obligation.

  • 3. The removal

    We provide a clear removal plan. In that way, you are ensured of a carefree move.

  • 4. Ultimate relaxation...

    In your new home! We put everything in the right place, install equipment and remove the moving boxes afterwards.