Moving lift rental

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Place of destination

Do you need to rent a relocation lift, incl. professional assistance? We are available seven days and evenings a week, so contact us now to find out the possibilities!

Moving lift rental

Are you going to carry out your relocation yourself, but could you use the help of a professional relocation lift to do that? If so, then at Verhuisbedrijf Draagkracht you’ve come to the right address to rent a relocation lift. Of course, we also provide all of the necessary guidance and protective equipment so that you can be assured of responsible use.

  • Powerful Böcker relocation lift (up to 400 kg)
  • Available throughout the Netherlands
  • 7 days a week incl. evening hours
  • If desired, we also offer express service

Rent a moving lift for a day or an object

You can use a relocation lift for various purposes, so we adapt the rental of the relocation lift to your wishes. If you just need to bring a piano downstairs, then of course you don’t have to pay for the entire day. We will ensure that the lift is ready for you at the desired time. But, if you would like to rent the moving lift for the full day, that is also not a problem.

Operated by professionals

If you decide to rent a relocation lift, we of course will not just leave you on your own as soon as the lift is placed outside your front door. The relocation lift will be operated by our professional drivers and operators. They have years of experience in moving large objects, such as upright and grand pianos and safes.

In this way, you know for sure that you can use the relocation lift with confidence and that the relocation will run smoothly and safely. In addition, protective equipment is also provided as standard, so that your items can be transported safely using the relociaton lift.