Removal lift rental in Amsterdam

Need to rent a removal lift in Amsterdam? Stop searching: Verhuisbedrijf Draagkracht rents a wide range of removal lifts at the most competitive prices. Amsterdam is a beautiful city, but the old buildings and the high-rise buildings at times make removals a bit more difficult and more complicated. The lack of a lift, endless stairwells and narrow doorways can make moving large furniture and goods simply impossible.


Removal lift rental in Amsterdam, for large, bulky or heavy objects.


Would you like to get a piano, refrigerator or washing machine in or out of the house? This is not an easy task, and in some case renting a removal lift is a good solution. This saves you from lugging around heavy items and avoids stress and possible damage to these valuable belongings. Renting a removal lift can really offer a solution, and in that way large items can be moved into or out of the residence easily, damage-free and safely. This ensures that the removal runs more smoothly and efficiently, and isn’t that what we all want during an already hectic move? By using a removal lift, you can be sure that you won’t be confronted with unpleasant surprises and you are ensured that all your furniture can be moved. Whether you are moving within theAmsterdam region or to another city, such as The Hague, Rotterdam or Utrecht, Verhuisbedrijf Draagkracht is ready for you throughout the Netherlands.


Inexpensive with professional service! Removal lift rental in Amsterdam


At Verhuisbedrijf Draagkracht, you can rent removal lifts that go up to the 13th floor with a capacity of up to 400 kg. Renting a removal lift in Amsterdam is not a daily occurrence for you, and therefore it is important to make use of the expertise of professional removers. At Verhuisbedrijf Draagkracht, the removal lifts are operated by experienced personnel, so that you are assured of a flawless and safe lift service. The experienced personnel help you with the preparations and avoiding difficult situations. You can rent the removal lift seven days a week, whenever it suits you. Are you in urgent need of a removal lift? That is not a problem: Verhuisbedrijf Draagkracht is ready to help you. The following issues should, however, be kept in mind when renting a removal lift: parking, any exemptions and weather predictions. When the weather is bad, using a removal lift can be dangerous and the job will be rescheduled. Be sure to measure the window frames in advance so that you know for certain that the items can be moved through the window.


Removal lift rental in Amsterdam offers numerous services!


Are you considering also making use of other removal services in addition to renting the removal lift? If so, you can also come to Verhuisbedrijf Draagkracht, and you can contract as much of the removal as you want. Along with lift services, Verhuisbedrijf Draagkracht also offers the following services: from moving box rental, removal van rental, carrying and transport work, to a complete removal, including odd jobs and packing and unpacking. Verhuisbedrijf Draagkracht listens to your wishes and offers something for every budget. Are you curious about the costs? Request a free and no-obligation quotation! Stop searching! At Verhuisbedrijf Draagkracht, you have come to the right place for inexpensive and professional service

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Moving house stressful? Verhuisbedrijf Draagkracht proves that it can be different. Choose for a carefree removal and request your no-obligation quotation!

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In need of a removal lift in Amsterdam? Request a quotation and within six hours, you will receive a complete custom quotation from us, and of course without any cost or obligation.