Meet the Team Behind Your Smooth Move

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Meet the Team Behind Your Smooth Move

At Verhuisbedrijf Draagkracht, we're more than just movers; we're a family. Founded in 1998, our long-standing tradition in the moving industry is a testament to our commitment and passion. We take pride in offering a customer-focused experience, ensuring that every move is tailored to meet your unique needs. Our team, a blend of seasoned professionals and the heartwarming presence of family members, stands ready to offer not just their expertise but also a dose of humor to make your moving experience enjoyable. Dive into our world, meet our team, and discover the friendly faces that will guide you through your transition with care, reliability, and a personal touch.

  • Why you should move with Draagkracht

  • Always a customized solution
  • Moving without worries
  • Personal contact and dedication
  • Transparent and reliable
  • Vincent

    Vincent is a foreman furniture mover and truck driver. He does his job with love and passion and is always cheerful. He also always has a joke ready to break the ice with the customers.
    Fun fact: Vincent is a proud father of twins.

  • Xander

    As a foreman furniture mover, Xander is an expert in private removals and customer contact. Thanks to his expertise and pleasant communication, customers are always quickly put at ease. He also knows perfectly how to motivate the group, even in difficult situations. Fun fact: Xander has a beautiful 1 year old daughter and loves to play chess!

  • Dennis

    Dennis is foreman of international removals and comes from a real removal family, his father and grandfather were also in the business. With more than 25 years of experience he likes to take other movers in tow. Also, he is always ready to share his knowledge and expertise. Fun fact: Dennis can often be found on his boat in the weekends, together with his family!

  • Eelco

    Eelco is an all-round employee within our company, with extensive experience in management and customer contact. A colleague who always helps the outside team whenever needed, even when that means he has to go to work himself. A fanatical workhorse, with heart for the business. Fun fact: Eelco's nickname is Beertje!

  • Jaap

    An incredibly experienced and valued force within our company. A mover who has seen it all in the moving business! Jaap has been especially active in recent years as a foreman in international packaging. An always gallant and cheerful gentleman who does everything to leave his customers satisfied. Fun fact: Jaap does all the chores in and around his house himself! He also has a nice collection of model trains.

  • Henny

    A very experienced export packer and leader within our company. Henny knows how to get things done and is very good at managing his colleagues. A valued asset that everyone can always count on.

  • John

    One of our most experienced movers, especially when it comes to private moves. John is also one of our best truck drivers, often driving abroad. We always say, "When you put John on a job, it always works out. Fun fact: John is a father of 4 and loves cars!

  • Imed

    An experienced all-round employee who is often used on private moves. Passionate in the work he does, always cheerful and correct in his execution. Fun fact: Imed gives soccer courses to young people, and still likes to play in his spare time!

  • David

    Our sales manager with extensive experience in the field. He was often used for private and international removals. Always gallant and passionate in the work he does. Fun fact: Besides spending time with his family, David prefers photography in his free time and speaks six languages!

  • Brian

    Foreman and expert in international container deliveries. Brian has years of experience and brings every job to a successful conclusion. A natural leader who can manage his colleagues well. Fun fact: Brian has been a top athlete!

  • Richard

    One of the driving forces behind our company, both on the inside and outside floor. Richard is a natural leader who takes the lead in difficult challenges. Always thinking along and solution oriented. Fun fact: Richard's favorite food is stew with a meatball. He also hopes to start a business in Bali in the future!

  • Alexander

    A passionate mover, who takes his job extremely seriously. In a short time Alexander has become a real asset to our company. He is versatile and always motivated! Fun fact: Alexander loves music and likes to draw 3D models in his spare time.

  • Remi

    Remi is always the happiest in the morning. He is also helpful and very customer oriented every day. With more than fifteen years of experience, Remi is a jack of all trades. From packing household effects to driving moving elevators. Fun fact: Besides moving Remi has a passion for music!

  • Keywan

    In addition to his training as a logistics team leader, Keywan is employed by us as a mover. He is only 20 years old but already has more than five years of experience in the moving business. A studious colleague, always working to grow further in his work. Active in the field, as well as in the office! Fun fact: Keywan practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

  • Peter

    Nothing is too heavy for Peter! With experience in private and office moves, he is an asset to the company. Always skilled and serious in his execution. Does what needs to be done, but always in a safe and competent manner. Fun fact: Peter is a real family man and has a beautiful 1 year old daughter.

  • Tony

    No challenge is too big for Tony either. Experienced in private removals but also with office moves and international deliveries. A valuable colleague you can count on and who you love to have with you. Fun fact: Tony speaks six languages and has been a top athlete!

  • Remco

    An experienced furniture and office mover, who also often works as an art handler. Remco is a sympathetic mover who radiates calm. Always positive and ready to work. Fun fact: He prefers to spend his free time with friends and family, in addition Remco has been a fanatic soccer player.

  • Henry

    International move manager with years of experience who knows all the facets of international moving. An expert in the entire international process whereby he takes care of his clients from A to Z.

  • Jakub

    An important and crucial link within our office team. A personal relocation advisor where customer satisfaction is always paramount. Jakub guides our customers through a carefully developed process for the ultimate moving experience! Father of a beautiful daughter of 7! In his free time Jakub likes to hike and enjoy jazz music.

  • Donya

    Customer Care Manager! Donya works daily to give our customers the best worry-free experience around a move. She also supports our sales and operations teams with all their requests for help. From picking up boxes to handling any inconveniences our customers may experience. Once Donya picks up on something, we always know it's going to be okay! Fun fact: Donya is an avid athlete and often makes herself available as a volunteer!

  • Dimple

    Our always motivated and cheerful Dimple! Amongst others active as support for our moving lift service. In addition, Dimple is daily engaged in preparing moving quotes and maintaining our business relationships. A driven force that is not to be missed at the office! Fun fact: Dimple loves sports and in her spare time she is also a makeup artist!

  • Thomas

    A mover who has been in the business since he was 17. In the meantime Thomas has gained all the necessary knowledge to be an all-round mover within our company. We can deploy Thomas as a truck driver but also as an international packer! Thomas recently became father of a beautiful son. When the sun is shining he likes to spend his time with his family on the beach, but when he has free time he likes to be on the rugby field!

  • Damian

    An excellent truck driver with a wealth of experience. Damian knows how to get things done and is always there for his colleagues. He also knows how to motivate others with his sense of humor. Fun fact: Damian used to be a tank driver in the army!

  • Sumant

    A mover with a lot of experience in private moves. Always knows how to find a solution to obstacles during the job. A colleague that others enjoy working with and a full member of our team. Fun fact: Sumant is not only a mover but also a self-employed person!

  • Jesse

    An always congenial and cheerful top mover! Jesse has been loyally working for our company for many years, an always sought after force who assists his team when needed!

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