International removals

Are you preparing for an international removal? We can help you keep this efficient and inexpensive. View our options and extensive service here.

International removals

A removal within the Netherlands itself involves many factors, but an international removal often presents even more challenges. Good preparation is crucial, because after all you can’t just swing back by your old house. Luckily, Verhuisbedrijf Draagkracht has years of experience in international removals and we are happy to dot the i’s and cross the t’s for you.

Specialisation in removals within the EU

In recent years, we have increasingly been moving people to other countries within the EU. Companies are becoming more international and are more inclined to hire people from other EU countries. In addition, Dutch people are becoming increasingly willing to take the step of moving to another country within the EU.

Whatever the reason for your removal is, we are happy to help you with a full range of services in the area of international removals. With our extensive experience, we know exactly how to carry out your removal as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. And of course we do that with the greatest possible care for your possessions.

We think of everything

To enable your removal to run as smoothly and as stress-free as possible, we think along with you in all areas. For example, we arrange:

  • Extra-sturdy packing for long removal trips
  • Seaworthy packing for overseas removals
  • Required documentation for border controls

Would you like to know what else is involved in an international removal? Or would you like to request an obligation-free quotation?

Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to tell you all about this.

Working method

Moving house stressful? Verhuisbedrijf Draagkracht proves that it can be different. Choose for a carefree removal and request your no-obligation quotation!

  • 1. No-obligation request

    Fill in the request form. In this way, you let us know exactly how your removal must be carried out.

  • 2. Free quotation

    Within six hours, you will receive a complete custom quotation from us, and of course without any cost or obligation.

  • 3. The removal

    We provide a clear removal plan. In that way, you are ensured of a carefree move.

  • 4. Ultimate relaxation...

    In your new home! We put everything in the right place, install equipment and remove the moving boxes afterwards.