Frequently asked questions

Moving house is, of course, not something you do every day, so we can well imagine that you have questions. Below, you will find the answers to the most common questions that we get from our clients.

Requesting a quotation is entirely free and without obligation.

Yes, your possessions are fully insured during the removal and transport.

Yes! If you and your friends or family help out, that will of course save time. Obviously that results in a lower bill.

It is advisable that you reserve your removal with us at least three weeks in advance. Of course, there are emergency situations in which this is not possible, and in such a case we will always try to find a suitable solution for this.

Valuable and fragile items are often packed using packing paper or bubble wrap. Additionally, all of your matrasses will be packaged in mattress covers. If required, we have special crates for moving lighting/chandeliers. When loading the removal van, we use ample blankets and everything will be neatly secured using tie-down straps.

Requesting a permit is often not necessary, but this depends on your municipality and your street. When in doubt, we recommend that you contact us by telephone. Often we can then determine for you whether this is necessary.

All our removers have been trained at the Verhuiscollege, a leading work placement trainer in the removal field.

However you wish. You can pay the bill for the removal in cash, by debit card or by invoice.

Yes, we work throughout the Netherlands, therefore also in your town/city.

We do various types of installation work, for which we employ specialist personnel. From (dis)assembly of the most difficult wardrobes to disconnecting and reconnecting your washing machine. This is always included in the price, so you are never confronted with unpleasant surprises.

Yes, we handle every removal custom tailored to your needs. In that way, if you don’t have time for packing and unpacking, we are happy to take those concerns out of your hands.

In principle, we can provide a clear indication of the activities by means of our request form and corresponding costs. If you anticipate complications and you would prefer that we come take a look, that of course is no problem.

We have removal vans in various sizes, from a minimum of 22 m3 to a maximum of 40 m3.

Certainly. After all, most people prefer to move house at the weekend. Therefore, our removers are available as normal, although our call centre unfortunately is not.

Our call centre is not open at the weekend, but we do carry out removals at the weekend.

Yes, you can also hire in individual workers.

Is your question not addressed here? If so, feel free to contact us!