About our Company

Our Legacy and Values

  • We take pride in our long history as a family business where father and son work side by side. This personal touch resonates through our entire service offering.
  • Our customer-centric approach always places your satisfaction and needs first, evident in our customizable moving services.

About our company

Quality and Reliability

  • Form the backbone of our service. We aim to make every move smooth and worry-free, with special attention to the careful handling of your valuable possessions.
  • Our unique, humorous approach turns moving into an enjoyable experience, enhanced by our friendly and helpful team.

Moving Company

Innovation and Sustainability

  • Are not just buzzwords for us; they are embedded in every action we take.
  • From using sustainable materials to offering electric moving lifts, we are committed to eco-friendly practices without compromising on quality or efficiency.

Moving Company

Recognized Excellence

  • Our commitment to top-quality and professional service has been confirmed by our recognized certifications, including those from Certified Movers, IAM (for international moves), and ISO 9001.
  • These accolades underscore our dedication to excellence in the moving industry.

A Broad Spectrum of Services

From private and business relocations to special white-glove services, we offer a wide range of services to meet your unique moving needs. Whether you're looking for storage solutions or the deployment of a moving lift, Draagkracht is here for you.

You, Our Focus

At Draagkracht, we understand that every move is unique and place your needs and satisfaction at the heart of our service. Whether you're a senior moving to a more comfortable living space, or a family seeking a hassle-free transition to your new home, we provide the reliability, safety, and personal attention you deserve. Our offerings are designed to support a wide range of moving needs, always with the goal of making every customer feel they are in good hands.

Let's Move Together

Your moving journey with Draagkracht begins here. Contact us for a personalized quote or drop by for a cup of coffee at our office. Discover how we can transform your move into a worry-free and even enjoyable experience.

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